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The color data company

Iro Group Limited is specialised in the development and marketing of software applications for the professional management of color data and tinting formulations. Our major customers are in the paint, coating, ink and chemical fields. We provide products and services to industries, retails, architects and professionals in the paint/construction business.

International team

Our developing teams are located in China, Africa and Europe. We also have a fully featured lab for testing customers' products and our own software solutions. We have 29 years of experience in tinting systems, color matching, dispensing machinery and specifically in adapting software and Internet technologies to the evolving field of color management.

Software as a connection

We fully understand that colors, for our customer, are a fundamental part of their strategy to the market. We strongly believe that colors are not a simple combination of raw materials and semi-finished products but they are the result of a close interaction of different expertises, sciences and techniques. Software is the glue that ties together those different parts. Software is the real strategical connection in developing, marketing and servicing the color industry.


... We help you make your colors real ...